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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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I have watched many, many assemblies at school, and this is the most insane, creative and heartwarming presentation I have ever seen. It was stunning! Thank you for coming to Bel Aire School in San Francisco, CA.

Kathy VB
I have experienced numerous assemblies in my 25+ years in the classroom and I have to say, this was one of the best ever. The music, art, and stories that were woven together were mesmerizing and well, just magical. Enthralling, engaging, stunning!! Something that needs to be experienced by all. Keep at it Patrick--you are touching lives. Many thanks!

Heidi Ross
I have no words to describe the impact of art, words, music, majesty, and more woven into a dynamic, emotional, and exemplary event. THIS MUST BE EXPERIENCED. Find out where Patrick Dunning is showing next and get your A#$ there. Better yet - book him at your school, theater, community space, or venue. This presentation was on BROADWAY! Find a way to get to him ASAP! Your life will be exponentially improved.

Tamar Cloyd
One of the most brilliant things I've seen in a long, long time. At times, I wanted to cry, at others I felt optimistic. Overall, this work increased the sense of connectivity I know we all have while living on this earth. Many blessings Patrick on your continued "journey"...

Patrick captivated an audience of adults and elementary aged children from start to finish with his presentation. He brought his ideas and experiences to life and connected them all using art and music and stories. I was deeply touched by the thoughtfulness that went into his work and his desire to share his life’s story with the public. It was heartwarming, touching, enlightening, and magical!

Sabrina Kathleen Flamoe
As a principal, I have NEVER seen every single kid and adult so engaged as during this show! It was were wondering if this was a magic show...and it truly was magical!

amber m
Hands down, this was amazing- the most amazing presentation ever! There was so much tension and emotion! you rocked the entire school with this. Keep up the good work!!!!!!

Kathi Kratchman
I cannot stop talking about your show and artwork! It was not only an amazing performance, but inspiring and from the heart. A show I'll not forget! Thank you for sharing with our students and staff at Van Zant School in Marlton.

Edison Robayo
I'm a teacher at Van Zant School in Marlton, NJ, USA. Patrick visited us today to share his amazing life and this beautiful project.I think is really important for kids to see people following their dreams, especially when those dreams are about beauty and art and not just about money and wealth.

Martha Boughner
I'm the Band Director at St Patrick School, Chatham, NJ...we spoke briefly after your show that day, Oct. 17. I had no idea we even had an assembly that day, and since my lesson times were changed, I said to another teacher, "Should I stay for this?" She said absolutely (she had seen it another year). So I did. I've never been so glad to have stayed for an assembly in my 42 years of teaching! Your show is fascinating, engaging, awesome and incredible! All I could think of was, "How did he THINK of all this,?!" and how much you know about so many facets of art, technology, music and media. I could watch it every day, I think, and still get something new out of it! Congratulations on grabbing children's attention (as well as adults) and fascinating us with your show. It IS Life, in all of its manifestations! Thank you so much.

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