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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Ella doria
Wow!!! Just wow!!!! Your presentation was so fascinating I was sitting on the edge of my seat the entire time with the amazing visuals and inspiring music!!!! After just watching you, I have decided that I want to do what I love and become an artist just like you, Patrick Dunning! I thought it was so cool how you came from Ireland and are so able to stay connected to your homeland and still love America too!!! Just like I did when I moved here from France when I was young. Thank you for changing my life and opening my eyes to life's deeper meaning.

Joellyn Tuohy
I was literally moved to tears by this performance. You truly are an inspiration and an absolute pleasure to have met. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your work. As an artist and art teacher, I will cherish this experience. Joellyn Tuohy Indian Hollow, Long Island NY

Jamie Roseman
I was lucky enough to have the day off of work to attend your show at my son's elementary school in Voorhees, NJ which is a suburb of Philly. Your message of how everything is connected is so inspiring; I truly enjoyed your creativity in presenting a story close to your heart that included music, art,Morse code,and lights. I am grateful I got to witness your view on life in such a fascinating way.

Brianna F
Wow! I was in awe the whole time at your show. You are like a magician! I know everyone I was sitting next to was in awe too. You are truly amazing. I know your masterpiece will be truly amazing when finished. Thank you again for coming!

Michael Hale
I saw your show for the ARC of ocean county, New Jersey and was blown away. To be able to conceptualize this multifaceted project artistic genius. Knowing that I will forever be a part of this project is truly an honor and a wonderful gift that you have provided us. Thank you. Michael Hale, Northfield, NJ.

Siobhan Kelhetter
Your visit to West End yesterday was truly magical. To be able to participate in your amazing work of art is something i will treasure forever! I will also share this wonderful project with all my family and friends. So your message will continue to grow! Can't wait to see the all the new changes to come. Thank You. Siobhan Kelhetter Lynbrook New York.

Dani Santiago
Mr Dunning, You recently visited Scholars' Academy Queens, New York where I am a seventh grader. I would just like to say that your presentation and the work that you are doing is absolutely... wonderful. It is difficult for me to find words to explain how much I enjoyed that assembly. The entire concept is fantastic, interesting, and just plain awesome. I especially loved how you incorporated pieces of your family and culture in your artwork. The "secret messages" that are in The Signature Project that you would not see just by looking at it are creative and unique. Never before have I felt so small and yet so important. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. I look forward to seeing the finished piece! PS. I agree- Irish Soda Bread is delicious!

Kelly McMahon
What an incredible gift to be a part of your Signature Project! To know that I'm a part of this enormous, magnificent piece of art was humbling. I'm honored to be a tiny piece of the rays of the sun. Truly beautiful. Thank you. Kelly McMahon, Hewlett, NY. Marion Street School, Lynbrook NY

Alyssa Freeman
What an excellent performance you shared with us at Babylon Elementary School in New York. I was so incredibly moved by how you are bringing together people from all over the world, especially in a time when we need it the most. I am so honored to have been a part of the experience, leaving my signature amongst so many others who all have stories to share. Thank you! 10-3-2017

Tara Bryant-Gray
If anyone ever doubts the impact of the arts on humanity they should see Patrick Dunning's masterpiece, The Signature Project. I watched a true alchemist today turn the arts and sciences into an otherworldly magnum opus which will melt your heart, awaken your spirit and give you hope for our weary world.

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