The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Lev from greenacres school
Thank you SOOOO much for visiting our school!!! Your show was AMAZING! I loved how every single thing you talked about connected to the painting, like the Morse code and the ultraviolet light and the hand in the top corner and the painting of your father and the eye hanging from the bridge in Ireland and your brother's beautiful music, and the motorcycle getting pulled over, and it's so amazing how you can preservere through these 25 years and counting, and make something that requires such thought and such concentration, and I like how you used any obstacles IN your paintings, like your cat Bailey. You are just so creative and amazing, and you turn anything you see into a project and it always works out! THANK YOUUUUU!!!

Lisa A Cavanaugh
Bravo Patrick Dunning, what a unique, inspiring performance! Old Mill School is so fortunate to be part of this creative, amazing experience. As a friend of mine said to me, "I can not explain this performance to you, it is one you must experience" So glad I did!

Linda DeVries
The world should see your project-I pray for you to complete it. It is the message of unity, peace, kindness and love. I was touched on every level and I feel blessed to have been a part of it. Visually brilliant! Thank you

E Murray
You came to my 1st grader's school today. He's been talking about you nonstop since he got home and asked me to look up "Patrick" on the internet so he could show me your work. Luckily he remembered a few more details as there are a lot of artists named Patrick. :) Here are his words: "I liked your signature picture. I liked how we could see your dad with X-ray. I'm very happy you came to my school." Thank you so much for coming to McLane!

Mindy Brown
Absolutely inspirational. I feel so blessed to have become a part of this project simply by attending a school assembly. This was as enjoyable for the teachers at our school as it was for the students, and I don't see a limit to the possibilities of your art or its audience. With the divisive climate currently surrounding us, this sort of artistic exploration, focusing on the positive, unity, and life, is truly the path towards healing and understanding. Thank you for coming all the way to Connecticut to share your art!

Karen Zupancic
Outstanding! I can honestly say that this was the best assembly we've brought to our school. Students in K-5 plus the entire staff were completely engrossed in the production. We were honored to add our signatures. Patrick, you've opened up our eyes, minds and hearts! Thank you! 11-2-16

Tricia Burke
Patrick,Your show at our school today was truly incredible! I was amazed at how your artwork was so intertwined. The thought and meaning behind it showed your passion for your work and life. I am honored to have been able to sign my name to this amazing project and hope to see it again in the future. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

Christina Dunne
Your passion and work on this project TIES us together. Transforms Inspires Energizes Sharpens our senses I saw your assembly at my school four years ago and was delighted to hear that you were returning. I was amazed at how the project has progressed. It was truly uplifting. You are an inspiration. Chris Dunne

Larry Kostula
YOOOO! (that was an inside joke!) You inspired my entire school! (students and staff alike)Your "gift" transcends art! Best.........Larry

Candice Vasta
Great presentation! So much positive feedback from our students. One of our goals as middle school administrators is to have students 'find their own voice and their own way' rather than relying on others or what is popular. Your contagious enthusiasm has gone a long way in helping students find their own passions. Inspiration such as yours cannot be found in a book, but rather experienced as you did so clearly. Much continued success with your project. Hope to see you again in the future.

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