The Signature Project

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In 1992 Patrick Dunning left his career as a well respected young Irish painter to pursue a single painting made up of over 1 million signatures of people from across the globe. This performance with art, music and dance follows Patrick's 25 year journey to unite millions of strangers into a single work of art. Those who meet Patrick and add their signatures come to understand the hidden secrets within The Signature Project.

"This is a show not to be missed. It will inspire, amaze and bring you to a sense of universal connection... This show will leave you uplifted, in awe..."
- The Times Square Chronicle

"The real magic of this evening is the transformative effect it has on the audience."

"A Performance of Exquisite Beauty"
- Michael A., Seattle, WA

- Laura C., Queens, NY

"Best Show I Have Ever Seen"
- Barbara H. Hartford, CT

"What a Show!!!,
Energy.. Humor..

- Cory S., San Francisco, CA

"We Are In Awe"
- Joan F., Dallas, TX


- Renee S., Casper, WY

"Music Art And Ideas
Rolled Into One
Brilliant Show!"

- Kathy, Miami, FL

"Totally Cool"
Brian R., Asbury Park, NJ

"I Was Mesmerized
By Your Performance"

- Laurie J., Philadelphia, PA